Tips For Parents Of Children Aged Under 5

  1. Protect
    Activate Youtube Safety Mode – by default, it is OFF but you can easily turn it ON to ensure your little ones don’t see anything harmful. To switch the safety mode on, simply scroll down to the bottom of the Youtube Homepage and select the tab to on.
  2. Prevent
    Install filtering software to ensure nasty content doesn’t creep up on your child’s screen.
  3. Protect
    Explore the parental control feature of your chosen search engine. Google is a firm favourite with the CIS family and this video explains how to activate safe search.

  4. Prevent
    Use your connected devices as a family. If your child expresses an interest in playing a game or watching something on your phone or tablet, spend a little time explaining what they are doing to access that content, make it fun and interactive so they know they are going online to watch their favourite programme or nursery rhyme.

If you know of additional safety features you would like to share with other parents or carers, share the love!

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