Slave to your phone?

Phone addiction is real!

We’re all too familiar with the scenario, you’re watching a movie at home or in the cinema at the same time as scrolling your phone. You’re cooking dinner but still checking to see what’s going on online. You’re out with the kids but you still scroll through your phone at every chance you get and dare we admit it, sometimes we even take our eye off the ball because we’re scrolling so much? Could this be an addiction to your phone?

Admit it, we are all addicted to social media. Whether you’re an over-sharer, or you just check in to the places you only visit once a year so your Facebook fam can see what an awesome time you’re having, we are all slaves to our devices.

On the surface, it’s pretty harmless unless your time on social networks is having an impact on your interaction with people offline. Are you friends with 200 people online but only actually have 2 people who you speak to offline?

How can you stop your reliance on being online all the time? Follow our 5 simple tips to get you back to connecting with people in person and spending less time on your device.

  1. Don’t switch your phone on first thing in the morning. Grab your breakfast, have a shower, do your hair and makeup and get ready for the day before you see what’s happening on your phone. This will be hard, to begin with, but in time, you will see the benefits and will be raring to go for the day 10-15 mins earlier than usual!
  2. Set yourself time limits on social networks. If you normally spend an hour online at lunchtime, then reduce this to 30 mins. Go for a walk, read a book or newspaper, make a coffee or simply enjoy your lunch whilst chatting to others around you.
  3. Get out and do new things you’ve always wanted to do. Have you secretly wanted to learn to sing, dance, sew, lift weights, learn to play a piano? Go ahead and join a class and learn something new and meet new people, the beauty of this is that you can’t use your phone whilst participating.
  4. When you’re out with friends and family, challenge yourself to leave your phone in your bag or pocket. Turn off notifications; anything that happens online will still be there when you finish your activity or outing.
  5. Use an app! Whilst this tip does encourage you to use your phone, there are some amazing apps that can help you to reduce your time online. Our favourite is Freedom – the name says it all!