Our Mission

About Child Internet Safety

Child Internet Safety was born early 2012 and is part of Super Awesome Experiences Limited.  It’s a Social Enterprise passionate about enhancing children’s knowledge of the digital world.

Profits from Child Internet Safety are reinvested into producing informative consumer and government events, as well as developing interactive content and providing support to anyone who either cares for, educates or assists children to grow in a connected world.

It’s these activities and the fact that we provide an impartial service that makes a positive difference to internet safety for children and families around the world.

This is your site for guidance and information on internet safety, so if you see a great tip, like a particular resource or even think your school has given you excellent e-safety advice, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@childinternetsafety.co.uk or follow us on social media.

Let’s Stay Safe On The Internet

The digital age has transformed our lives. However, there’s no doubt that the internet is a great resource for the whole family.

Whilst we can connect, purchase, network and socialise at any time of the day or night, virtual predators and other cyber dangers are sadly lurking just beneath the surface.

Whether it’s cyberbullying, trolling, malicious content, illegal or explicit images, online grooming, pornography. The Child Internet Safety team works tirelessly to bring you the latest information to tackle those net nasties.

Learn About Digital Dangers

We have the very best resources and access to impartial experts on internet safety at our fingertips to ensure you and your family stay safe on the internet. So if you feel you or your family could be at risk, you or your children experience something nasty online, or you want further information on protecting your child from the dangers of the internet.
This site should give you the information you need and if we haven’t given you the answers you’re looking for, then contact us today on info@childinternetsafety.co.uk and we will connect you to experts from around the globe.