Facebook is 15 years old

Fifteen years ago, the world was introduced to Facebook, a social networking site that started as a way for college students to connect that’s now become THE biggest social media and social networking site in the world.

Gone are the days when we picked up the phone to chat to relatives in other countries, or how we switched on the TV to see what was happening in the news or how you looked through catalogues or newspapers for products you may buy. We have instant access to all this and more by scrolling scroll through Facebook to see, like, love, dislike, what’s going on in your family and indeed the rest of the world.

Whilst most people above the age of 23 still use the site extensively, it seems the tide is changing with Gen Z, (basically, anyone born between 1995 and 2015.) Instagram seems to be the platform for choice for this generation, all of whom were born in an age when cassette players and VCR’s were becoming obsolete.

Regardless of your choice of platform, we have to give credit where credit is due so below we’re listing 15 things that make us die-hard fans of the social network that’s connected billions around the world.

  1. It’s the best place to store your photos from holidays, weddings, births etc. It’s essentially free photo storage.
  2. You get to see what Lisa, the receptionist from your old workplace that you loved but lost contact with, is doing.
  3. You see the most talked about stories in the world and in your network in your feed.
  4. You can share the funniest clips and stories that grab your attention and are sure to please your friends and family.
  5. You can follow pages of interest such as local dance classes, cooking classes, the local electrician and more.
  6. It’s a great platform for local communities to discuss issues that are relevant to them.
  7. You can galvanise a campaign on Facebook that needs extra support.
  8. You can find old friends that you’ve lost touch with.
  9. For the most part, the platform ensures there is no adult content that can be viewed. Any nude or pornographic content is removed with an immediate ban for the generator of the content.
  10. It’s a great marketing tool for all businesses regardless of their size.
  11. User-generated content means that we have mostly accurate reviews of events, holidays, theme parks and other products we may be interested in.
  12. It’s the place where you can shout about your achievements and let the world know how proud you are.
  13. Announcing a birth, death or other occasion is much easier on Facebook because one message reaches all those you care about.
  14. You can belly laugh at the memes everyone is sharing.
  15. We all love to snoop and Facebook gives us the ability to do this without being called a stalker!

Of course, as with all popular products, the biggest social networking site has its downsides as well. How can we forget the Cambridge Analytics saga or the fact that Facebook doesn’t really keep its younger users as safe online as it could?

With the billions of dollars of profit the company makes, it’s shocking more isn’t done to protect children who access the site.

All in all, we have loved the 15 years we have used the platform and can see billions around the world continue to use it for many many more years. As long as you have your security settings set properly and you protect your personal information, i