E-Safety In The City – Brighton, Sussex

Brighton & Hove is traditionally called ‘London on Sea’ – not least because so many of its residents either used to live in the capital or still work there. Unlike many seaside towns (officially it’s a city), it has a thriving local economy, including a large sector of digital enterprises, new media startups, web designers and games developers, among countless other local businesses. It also has the UK’s only Green MP, Caroline Lucas.

But does its reputation for tolerance, innovation and ‘anything goes’ mean that it’s child-friendly and has got internet safety covered?

From a cultural and leisure perspective, you’d be hard pushed to find a city that’s more popular with families than Brighton. Adults know all about it, and it has much to offer both young children and teens, all of whom are entranced by its brash and obvious charms, not to mention its thriving arts scene, independent shops, buskers, skaters and street performers.

But where does it stand on the internet?

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