Ask The Experts

Helen Goodman, MP (Lab)

“I am taking legal advice about it. It was extremely helpful that the European Court found that Google was subject to European law because they have a centre in Spain and Spanish customers. So their whole extra-territoriality argument about ‘we’re not subject to European law’… that aspect of the judgement is extremely helpful [to the UK].

“We have longstanding rules in this country, which we’ve built up through the courts, about when a crime is a spent crime, how long people have to declare convictions for when they’re applying for jobs, and so forth. It is a problem if the net is undermining those things.”

(Child Internet Safety conference 2014)

Tony Anscombe, AVG (IT Vendor)

“The Right to be Forgotten should start with the right to understand what’s being collected. Because there is a lot of data being held about us, and held about children, and we have no concept of what is out there. When kids load apps onto phones, do they read the privacy policy? Do we read it as parents? And that device is personal, it can link to the person.

“But I can say that I want to remove my content, but I can’t tell someone to remove what they have written about me. And that’s the problem. He owns his content, and I own mine. But the industry needs to come round to the fact that you should have the ‘right to be removed’.”

(Child Internet Safety Conference, 2014)

Sonia Livingstone, LSE

“The Right to be Forgotten has been a very interesting debate, but it has almost entirely been  focused on adults and their right to be forgotten and there are lots of reasons for and against.

“But I would say that I am in favour of the Right to be Forgotten for children and I would make that a separate argument, because children are developing and don’t understand many things. I can’t think of any reason why something a child does online should have any persistence beyond the age of 18.”

(Child Internet Safety Conference, 2014)

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