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At Child Internet Safety, we understand that all parents worry about their child’s safety online. Online bullying, grooming, trolling, sexting and children accessing inappropriate content are the real issues facing our ‘Digital Kids’.

Our aim is to provide parents, teachers and children with a consistent message, practical advice and tools via this website our Child Internet Safety summit and by attending The Digital Kids Show.

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Our Mission

There’s no denying we’d all be lost without the internet. Whether it’s for business or personal use, everything’s easier, quicker and less stressful thanks to the web. For children, the internet is a whole exciting world of knowledge, fun, games, interest, education and entertainment.

However, like all great things, there’s always a minority who spoil it for everyone else which is why Child Internet Safety is THE place where you will find the latest information to keep your family safe online.

At Child Internet Safety it’s our aim to provide you with information, practical support, and impartial advice. We’ve got access to some amazing resources, partnerships with leaders in the internet safety arena.

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Digital Kids Show

Are your kids fanatical about Fortnite? Minecraft crazy? Mad about YouTubers? Yes? They will love Digital Kids Show! A unique family day out in Manchester and London that will WOW your whole family!

Get ready for the very best in tech toys and family games plus amazing family activities for 7 hours of fun, laughter, thrills and spills. Family days out don’t come any better!

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