Empower, Enjoy and help Children to Embrace the Connected World

The Child Internet Safety Summit returns for the 4th consecutive year to equip front line practitioners with the knowledge to assist children and teens to flourish in the digital world.

Last year’s summit focussed on:

  • Demonstrating new and exciting apps and programmes that can be used in the workplace and classroom to enhance e-safety knowledge.  
  • Detailed how the new computing curriculum was received in classrooms around the country.
  • Showed head teachers how to ensure their staff were digitally competent to handle cyber-savvy students.
  • Discussed how cyberbullying could be prevented if detected earlier on.
  • Assisted practitioners to establish effective methods of working with parents to ensure their children are safe whilst using the internet.
  • Heard from law enforcement about the methods they were using to reduce online crimes against vulnerable children.
  • Discussed how the police were working with teachers and parents to reduce trolling, cyberbullying and other online crimes committed by children.

This year, we take a closer look at two core areas that are causing increasing concern to parents, teachers and all those who are responsible for protecting children from online dangers. Cyberbullying and Online Grooming. We're hearing from young people growing up with social media about what they feel Government and Industry need to do to protect them from online danges.

The more the internet evolves, the more web savvy our children are. Even parents who are tech boffins are having to increase their knowledge of the digital world to stay a step ahead of the growing digital world.  Regardless of how equipped we feel we are to deal with online dangers, there’s a new app, malware, troll, groomer or cyberbully that's exploring new ways to snare our children online.

This summit will hear from experts in their fields about what you can do in your classroom, home or community to ensure we all enjoy the wonderful resource that is the internet instead of fearing its very existence