We're now into the fourth year of the Child Internet Safety Summit. A one day conference focussed on showing front-line practitioners how to protect children from online dangers.

This is what previous attendees think of the summit.....

“Attending this event in 2014 gave me crucial information that helped our school pass our OFSTED inspection - the speakers are truly inspiring which is why I attend every year - not many companies give teachers the opportunity to attend an event of this calibre free of charge so thank you!.”

“Thank you for getting funding so as a small school head teacher I am able to attend from Norfolk with my Assistant head teacher”

“Great day. I attended two workshops, A and E, one was very informative, great little tips and ideas for workshops I'll will offer to staff at my setting. Workshop E blew me away, so much information. My brain was burning, it was brilliant. Bring back the twitter wall.”

"Why do companies like Moshi Monsters care about what a teacher does in classrooms? Because they moderate their own online environment and have an insight on the way kids behave online and that's why I attended their session. I will be recommending Moshi to parents from our school as a safe place for kids to enjoy the online world. All teachers should understand the sites that kids visit most."

"The fact that the seminar session were oversubscribed tells you how well this event is managed and how selective they are about the companies they get on board. Well done for another great conference, I look forward to next year!"

" I like the fact that the exhibitors are interested in what I do. Yes they have products to promote but they take the time to speak to delegates about their role and how using their product or service can improve the safety of children online, it's nothing like other expos where you just pick up free stuff and wander around aimlessly."

"You could say I am a pro when it comes to attending conferences, although I don't have the time to attend events that have no relevance to my role. Year on year this event provides me with new insights on areas I thought I knew well, the speakers, the venue, the food and the exhibitors make this well worth a day out of school. I didn't pay to attend this event and the credit goes to the sponsors and organisers. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a rewarding day"

"The Microsoft session was my only option to attend and I am so pleased I did attend! The speaker was very engaging and although the title suggested they were going to sell me Windows 10, it was anything but a sales pitch!"