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Are selfies making us ill?

More and more young people are pointing their cameras at themselves, rather than at the world around them. Should we be worried?


The Dancing Man

One moment you’re enjoying yourself on a night out, and the next you’re humiliated in front of the whole world – but then, Hollywood beckons. Chris Middleton presents a cautionary tale...


Holding Fame In Your Hands

When Zayn Malik walked out of boy band One Direction in March, he revealed not only a million broken hearts but also how broken and dangerous social media can be for vulnerable young people – and for others who are dragged into fame’s spotlight. Chris Middleton presents a special report on the perils of digital fame.


A United Nations of Children

A United Nations of Children - The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is 25 years old. Have we forgotten it, and it’s meaning?  The World Wide Web is not the only thing celebrating its quarter century: the United Nations  Convention on the Rights of the Child also turned 25 at the end of 2014. So in our world crammed full of noisy mobile devices, apps, and social platforms, let’s take time out to remind ourselves of its content.


Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi - World's first accreditation scheme for public WiFi  The summer of 2014, saw the introduction of the Friendly WiFi Scheme which is the world’s first accreditation scheme for public WiFi. The scheme is designed to verify that a business’ public WiFi service meets a minimum level of filtering to block access to pornographic and child sex abuse images and websites.


The Right to be Forgotten

The Right to be Forgotten. Should search engines remember everything about you? Chris Middleton reports on a controversial issue... 


Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts  "Should people under the age of 18 have the right to have their private data erased?" 


The Internet - Don't put your foot in it!

The Internet - Don't put your foot in it!  Chris Middleton explains how our digital footprints define who we are. For young people, the decisions they make today may cause them problems in the future...   


Sir Tim of the Web

Sir Tim of the Web  The World Wide Web is 25 years old. Chris Middleton spoke to the man who invented it all: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the quiet computer scientist whose head is always bursting with new ideas…   


e-Safety in the City - Brighton, Sussex

e-Safety in the City  Every issue of the Child Internet Safety Magazine will include a page looking at one of the UK’s major towns, cities or regions in the way of Children’s Safety, both online and in the physical world. First up, Chris Middleton reports from one of the UK’s major seaside destinations: Brighton in Sussex. 


"Twitter was my lifeline" - Shauna Muamba

"Twitter was my lifeline" - Shauna Muamba  When star footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch after a massive cardiac arrest, his wife Shauna found support and strength in a surprising place. Gary Eastwood talks to Shauna about Twitter, Fabrice’s ‘incident’, and why social media can be so powerful and influential, especially for young people. 


Stand up to Cyber-Bullies!

Stand up to Cyber Bullies!  Bullying has probably been around for as long as human beings have. But whereas in previous centuries bullying typically happened in a specific place at a specific time – a classroom, a playground, a street corner, a workplace – it now has a new and more complex dimension: cyberspace, which transcends location and time.


The Dangers of Sexting

The Dangers of Sexting  For most, sexting may well seem to be ‘harmless fun’, but as the research proves, a lack of awareness, naivety about the dangers, and peer pressure are forcing many children into doing it simply because everyone else is. The study of 2,732 people aged between 13 and 25 years old found that 37 per cent have sent a naked photo of themselves...


Chat Room and Text Slang

At Child Internet Safety, we know that chat room and text slang evolves at a rapid rate. And it can be a challenge for grown-ups to keep up-to-date with all the latest phrases and sayings.  However, don’t despair!  The Child Internet Safety team is here to demystify the world of chat room and text slang – so you and your family can stay safe on the internet.


Tips for parents of children aged 5-12

The internet is a whole exciting world of knowledge, fun, games, interest, education and entertainment. However, like all great things there’s always a minority who has to spoil it for everyone else. And that’s why Child Internet Safety is here to protect you and your children from nasty online digital dangers.