There’s no denying we’d all be lost without the internet. Whether it’s for business or personal use, everything’s easier, quicker and less stressful thanks to the web. And for children, the internet is a whole exciting world of knowledge, fun, games, interest, education and entertainment. However, like all great things there’s always a minority who has to spoil it for everyone else. And that’s why Child Internet Safety is here to protect you and your children from nasty online digital dangers. 

Cyberbullying, trolling, pornography, online grooming, violence, malicious content… It’s a truly terrifying thought that your children could be exposed to such horrendous online abuse and appalling materials.

Do you ever think about your internet footprint? As adults, you would assume it’s easier for us to monitor what we do online. Facebook, Twitter, online supermarket shopping, booking a holiday, organising the kids’ events… As a result of our web use or wherever we choose to browse, we leave behind us information which is stored as cookies. However, for children, internet footprints are a very different story. And sadly there are adults, and other children, out there who will use the anonymity of the internet to cause harm. 

If you feel you or your family could be at risk, you or your children experience something nasty online, or you want further information on protecting your child from the dangers of the internet, then have a look around the the Child Internet Safety site today.

It's not all doom and gloom though. And at Child Internet Safety we are keen to celebrate all the awesome opportunities the internet gives us. There are some great apps and resources you can introduce to your family, friends and beyond! The chances are you’ll find everything you need here. However, if you want additional support or guidance then contact us on 0844 225 0650 or send us an email And don’t worry: There’s no need for you to be an expert. But 
with the right knowledge on protecting privacy, implementing privacy settings, and age-restrictions and parental controls, you and your family can stay safe online.

At Child Internet Safety it’s our aim to provide parents and teachers with a whole host of guidance information, practical support, and impartial advice. Through roadshows, events, magazines, and  online resources, such as this website and the Child Internet Safety Hub, you can protect your children from virtual predators and other cyber dangers. So for further information, then why not click Child Internet Safety Hub to view our latest tips, hints, articles and stories.